Supporting your organisation’s
Public Contract process

Tender life cycle support

Telicit@ handles the entire tender life cycle, from file document creation to contracts and extensions. You can upload the documentation for each file and keep it online for your organisation.

  • 1Intregration of the tendering process into the organisation

    Facilitate use of the tool by different users with varying levels of access and features.
  • 2Dynamic parameterisation of file documentation content

    Telicit@ boasts a highly flexible system where you can pre- define the documentation system configuration to comply with the specific file.
  • 3Messaging system for sending notifications

    Manage internal information submissions or notifications on changes to tenders in a controlled and organised manner.
  • 4Management and monitoring of files, offers, contracts and framework agreements

    Keep track of your Offers, Contracts and Framework Agreements. Manage price changes, product discontinuation, extensions and deadlines.
  • 5Telicit@ provides the tools for you to compare your results with those of your competitors

    Collect contract awarding, price and scoring criteria outcomes. Get support in decision-making.